October 22, 2011

Choosing the perfect wallpaper for your child's room

When my mother was pregnant with me, her first child, she spent the weeks prior to my arrival painting my skirting yellow & choosing the wallpaper which would decorate my room for the next seven years. 
She chose a cute Oranges & Lemons themed wallpaper, because of the nursery rhyme and it was a wallpaper which would be suitable for a boy or a girl. 
This wallpaper kept me intrigued as a child. The trees themselves growing with beautiful ripe oranges & lemons & the parade of people dancing around the trees holding each others shirts, laughing and having a joyful time. I remember this wallpaper still. It held my attention as a child, it intrigued me and captured my imagination. I wondered where the people lived, what were they celebrating, which one of the people I would want to be dancing behind or in  front of. There was a lot going on in this wallpaper and because of this I could use it as an escape to another world, I got lost in it and I don't remember ever being bored of it.

When choosing a wallpaper for your child's room, the choice should not just be about the colour and your child's favourite theme, these things should be a factor in the decision.
A good wallpaper will capture their imagination, it will stimulate their minds & help them grow. The images should be detailed, have movement and personality, enabling their imagination and giving the child a place to escape to. 
UK based PaperBoy do this well, their 'How it Works' wallpaper gives a quirky view to what goes on inside 
animals and how they move.
They show dedicated teams of mini-engineers oiling the cogs and greasing the joints that keep the creatures rolling along. 
Children can spend hours examining the mechanics and discovering these teeny tiny maintenance men which live inside these creatures.        
 'How it Works' Wallpaper and samples plus the full PaperBoy Collection is sold at www.justkidswallpaper.com

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