March 18, 2015

Pineapple Wallpaper : Aimee Wilders Pina Sola

Pineapples are very much on trend at the moment. 
Pina Sola Wallpaper designed by Aimee Wilder is a cute & stylish design featuring 33cm tall pineapples. 
Each roll is 4.5m x 71.1 cm. 
Just Kids Wallpaper sells the rolls on a sliding scale, i.e. the more rolls you buy the less they are per roll. The prices also include the shipping costs.
Buy Aimee Wilder Pineapple Wallpaper at Just Kids Wallpaper

March 10, 2015

Sissy & Marley's New Wallpaper Collection has landed in Australia

Interior Designers, Sissy & Marley have a new children's wallpaper collection. These wallpapers are chic & crisp. 
Direct from the USA these wallpapers have been designed by Jill Malek & are perfect for a nursery, small child or a teenager.
Roll Size: 4.57m x 68.5cm with a repeat of 91cm.