January 29, 2013

The Noah's Ark Rush!

An eclectic herd of 52 creatures from all the continents of the world, and all walks of life, all heading somewhere together. 
An ode to our furry, feathered, feline, bovine, mammalian, reptilian friends... and the Dodo.  
"Animals" is a hand drawn boarder and took the best part of one year to complete - about four days to draw each animal! 
The border is available at our store and comes with a fascinating'Animals' fact sheet to read with the kids.
available here at Just Kids Wallpaper

January 17, 2013

World maps make a great addition to a child's room.

I love a good World Map Mural & once my kids are old enough I will be placing one into their bathroom. You can purchase them in pretty much in any colour & they can be made to any size.

Photos from Pinterest 

January 16, 2013

Personal Wallpaper Appointments - Bringing Books to your Home

Partnering with Cutting Edge Wallpapering, Melbourne's Professional Wallpaper Installers, Just Kids Wallpaper now provide a personal appointment service at your home. We will bring books and samples to help you choose which wallpaper suits your kids room best.
Our kids wallpaper books include:
plus a large sample collection. You tell us what you want to see & we will arrange it.
And if you need to see books for your own room, let us know as we also have a number of wallpaper books for the grown ups including: Cole & Son, Rasch, Funky Wombat Textiles, Harlequin and
 Silk Interiors.
 We will be able to give you advice on the condition of your walls and measure the walls for you to ensure that you order enough wallpaper.
These appointments are NOW available if you are based in Melbourne (Australia) and the Mornington Peninsula.
Our appointment fee is $70/hour.  The fee will be rebated when you place your order with us.
To make a booking please call Clare on 0409 763 261 or email sales@justkidswallpaper.com

January 15, 2013

Harlequins Pick & Mix Wallpaper & Fabric: For The Fashion Savvy Tween

Harlequin's Pick & Mix Wallpaper has a cute hand drawn motif of pink handbags for the fashion conscious girly girl. 

Their matching fabrics are the ones I adore, perfect for curtains & pillows, they are filled with colour & glittery bling.

Samples & orders for this design can be made at our online store.

January 14, 2013

Sandberg Alma Wallpaper: An Old Pattern for Modern-Day Walls

This retro inspired wallpaper,'Alma' from Sandberg is one of my favourites.  I would have loved this wallpaper in my daughters room in our old Victorian home.
Now in a much more modern home this wallpaper oozes class & classic tradition, I look at it & think of sweet girls dressed in white lace with impeccable manners playing with oversized dolls.

Available in 3 classic colour-ways. Samples & wallpaper orders can be made at our online store.