February 27, 2013

Ferm Living's Tiny Trains & Ferris Wallpaper

Tivoli in Copenhagen played an important part in the creation of two of 
Ferm Livings wallpaper designs - Tiny Train and Ferris.  

The Ferris design is based on the Ferris Wheel in Tivoli.

The Tiny Train idea came to life when Trine, creative manager of ferm LIVING, wanted to design a wallpaper with endless possibilities.  
The pattern repeat of this design allows you to create trains in various lengths, leaving the final design in the hands of the person hanging the wallpaper.

February 22, 2013

Les Moineaux Decoration's stunning hand-drawn Wallpaper Panels

Les Moineaux Decoration from France brings us a wonderful collection of Childrens Wallpaper Panels. These hand-drawn panels are soft & original in design. All are non-woven so you paste the wall rather then the back of the paper.

Available at Just Kids Wallpaper 

February 21, 2013

Majvillan Bring Colour & Fun to Children's Wallpaper.

Transform a room with Dragon Sky wallpaper from Majvillan…
In the European spring 2013 Majvillan launched a new Swedish wallpaper collection for kids. The pattern of the wallpapers are telling stories that radiate happiness. The colours are bright and clear and the white details make the clouds lift. Behind this lovely collection is Charlotta Sandberg, the creator of the Majvillan brand. Beside running Majvillan, Charlotta Sandberg also work as an artist – well known in Sweden.

See the full collection at

See the full collection at


February 19, 2013

Bambi by Onszelf

I have quite a love for deer. The movie 'Bambi' made me howl (yes not just cry but hide under my chair & sob) when I was four. This is a story that after 36 years, my mother still cannot understand my over reaction to such a placid film. 
I love their 'super cuteness' (as my son calls it) they are such a divine animal, and very VERY TASTY!
 My father in law, Mr Griffin, hunts these animals in Fiordland in New Zealand and I have to say he has an impressive collection of heads and even more impressive are his multitude of hunting stories which are strangely addictive. 
So here is to this beautiful animal and all the joy it brings to the conisour who loves a divine piece of meat, the dedicated hunter, the interior designer and of course, the animal lover. 

February 15, 2013

The Circus is still a timeless love.

 Recently we took the kids to the Circus and I have to say 
I am still a fan.
When I found this Catherine Martin Wallpaper I fell in love. 
It comes in two colour-ways Ruby and Marine Blue. 
What young child would not fall in love with these images? 
This wallpaper is one for all four walls of a nursery!

installed (below) by