October 13, 2014

Sissy & Marley Wallpaper: Good As Gold

Just Kids Wallpaper has just started selling the Sissy & Marley Wallpaper Collection in Australia. 
This collection is a collaboration between Sissy & Marley Interior Designers & Jill Malek.
These stunning gold wallpapers are metallic & very striking. 
Just Kids Wallpaper have samples & rolls available now.
International Shipping 

October 7, 2014

Little Sanderson Wallpaper: Going Batty

Sandersons newest and cutest wallpaper has got to be their "Going Batty" Wallpaper from the ABRACAZOO Collection.
Cute little bats, squirrels, birds, owls, mice & butterflies nesting in an Enchanted Wood.
Seriously… what little kid would not like this?!
 Even my son "Mr I love nothing but Dinosaurs" said he loved it!

Available in 3 colour ways at Just Kids Wallpaper

Little Sanderson Wallpaper : Balloons

Little Sanderson's Balloons Wallpaper from the ABRACAZOO Collection is a cute retro design of 
Hot Air Balloons floating through the clouds. 

This wallpaper is 52cm wide & comes in a 10m roll. There are 3 cool colour ways, Indigo/Blue, Sky/Blue Red & Red/Vanilla. 

Samples & Rolls are now available in Australia at Just Kids Wallpaper

October 6, 2014

Little Sanderson Wallpaper for Boys: Treasure Maps

Little boys will fall in love with Little Sanderson's new Treasure Map Wallpaper from the ABRACAZOO Collection. 
Teach your child the countries of our world while they get lost in a sea of animals, pirate ships & lost treasure.
This wallpaper is extra wide at 68.6cm X 10m long. 
It comes in 3 Colour-ways Sea Blue Vanilla/Multi & Neutral 

Now available in Australia at Just Kids Wallpaper

October 3, 2014

Little Sanderson Wallpapers: Ballet Shoes & Fairy Castles

Sanderson has taken the leap into designing Kids Wallpapers with their just released 
ABRACAZOO Collection.
Over the next week we will show their new collection.
Their wallpapers are all paper based & range from a width of 52cm to 68.6cm. 

Todays selections are for the girls: 

Ballet Shoes: 
A large print of soft ballet shoes & feathers, shown here in Vanilla on a almost pearl background.
Ballet Shoes comes in 4 colour-ways, Duck Egg, Lavender, Vanilla & Pink
Samples & rolls are available from the Little Sanderson Collection at Just Kids Wallpaper

Fairy Castle:
A large print of castles in the clouds with dancing fairies & delicate flowers.
This is a really sweet design that any girl would go crazy for.
It comes in 3 colour-ways - Blue, Vanilla & Pink
Samples & Rolls are available from the Little Sanderson Collection at Just Kids Wallpaper

September 22, 2014

Aimee Wilder Clouds Sunshine Wallpaper

Today is the first time in a long time that we have had temperatures over 22C. The sun is out so I am celebrating with Aimee Wilder's Clouds in Sunshine Wallpaper.

This wallpaper is a cute motif of clouds that would bring a smile to any child. 
The wallpaper is wider than the average roll, 68cm & the length is 4.5m so it is really suited 
to high walls.

Just Kids Wallpaper sells this wallpaper and prices start at $330 for one roll. 
However, once you buy more than one roll, the price per roll drops significantly. 
Shipping is included in the price. 

Photo from Aimee Wilder