August 4, 2014

Decorating with Onszelf Wallpapers & Posters OZ3101 & OZ3002

Recently my daughter Cameron, turned 7 & with that came the promise 
that we would redecorate her room. 

We chose Onszelf Wallpaper for a couple of reasons. 
Cameron loved the Bloom Wallpaper OZ3101 Mural which is a continuous design, perfect for a large wall.
We needed 3 rolls for our 4 metre wall. The design is something that she should get a lot of mileage out of (hopefully until she is 13). 
The other design is also from Onszelf, it is a poster OZ3002 which is installed just like wallpaper. 

Both of these wallpapers are excellent quality, they are 'paste the wall' wallpapers and removable when the time comes to redecorate.

 Bloom Wallpaper OZ3101 can be bought from Just Kids Wallpaper (worldwide shipping)

Onszelf Poster 3002 can be bought from Just Kids Wallpaper

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