July 21, 2014

Stripping Wallpaper - The Easy Way!

Stripping wallpaper can be a daunting task. Well here are a few quick tips to get wallpaper off quickly and easily without a steamer (which is just a silly gimmick that will make the job twice as long) 

In our case we had 2 walls of Harlequin Polly Pirouette paper backed wallpaper to remove. 


Tools: Garden Sprayer, Water, Towels to place along the bottom of the wall and Patience.

Firstly, using your water sprayer (we used a Hills Garden Sprayer) spray your walls with water. 
A really good soaking is needed. 
Now here is the tricky bit... don't be tempted to try and peel it off. 
Let the water soak into the wallpaper for 5min. 

Now try and peel the top part of the wallpaper off (in some cases you will get both layers). If the wallpaper does not come off easily, spray the walls again with water and WAIT another 3-4 min. 
The top layer of the wallpaper should then come off now in large strips. 

Now you have the last layer to remove. Spray it with water, WAIT 3-4 minutes, repeat the spray and WAIT and it should come off in large strips. If it doesn't, spray it again and WAIT.

Now the wallpaper is off!
 Let the walls dry, clean up the rubbish, wash your towels and then give the walls a light sand to remove any glue residue.

Remember: use a water sprayer to soak the walls and WAIT, let the water soak in and your wallpaper removal job will be a breeze.

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