April 30, 2013

Bathroom Update 2: Onszelf Groot Wallpaper OZ3032

In my endeavours to make the kids bathroom more 'kid-like', my husband hung the cute Groot Wallpaper(OZ 3032)designed by Onszelf. 
We already had Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper in there and I really didn't want to take that down. So by adding one strip of the Onszelf wallpaper I think we have given the bathroom a bit of kiddy fun.

Both these wallpapers are non-woven so they are easy to install (you paste the wall) and will remove dry in one sheet.

All wallpaper was hung by Melbourne Wallpaper Installers


  1. Looks great Clare, how does it go with moisture?

    1. Cheers Jo. They are both non woven wallpapers so they are perfect for bathrooms, laundries or kitchens. Our website Removable Wallpaper Australia sells only non-woven wallpapers.
      If you find something you like but your not sure if it is non-woven let Aidan or I know & we will check it for you.