November 26, 2012

Getting Creative: The Patterned Paint Roller

When UK's Clare Bosanque stumbled across these paint rollers in a Romanian market, she was so excited she bought the lot and spent the next two months of the hiking trip regretting her cumbersome purchase. 
These rollers have been used in Romania for 100's of years & now they are available to buy from Clare's Esty store The Patterned Paint Roller.
 The 6 inch wide, embossed patterned rollers come in 9 different designs and there are 2 choices of applicators, 
one for fabrics and the other for paper and walls.
The rollers are reusable and interchangable. The fabrics will have a look of traditional handmade block-printed fabric. The paper and wall roller gives a sponged, gentle hand made look, like old forgotten, sun-bleached wallpaper. 

available from The Patterned Paint Roller 

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