April 3, 2012

Cutting Edge Wallpapering provide us the full 'Customer Experience'

OK. Yes its a plug, I am not going to hide it, but trust me, it is well deserved.

Cutting Edge Wallpapering have been in the wallpapering installation business for over 25 years. Based in the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula areas, Aidan their head-installer/owner has an amazing talent for getting the wallpaper perfectly right on a wall or ceiling or even the steps on your stairs.

Recently expanding his business he now provides the full customer experience bringing a selection of wallpaper books to your home so you can choose the wallpaper while he measures up the space & offers advice (he has been know to loan the books out for a few days also)

He has a diverse collection of books such as:
Cole & Son Frontier Collection
Cole & Son Geometric Collection
Cole & Son The Contemporary Selection
Rasch Textil Diamonds & Pearls Collection
Rasch Textil Queens 2013 Collection
Eco Borastapeter Eco Graphic Collection

But all these books have one thing in common, they are all non-woven wallpapers meaning that they are all easy to install and remove dry (without water or a steamer) making them the perfect wallpaper for a renter!

Although these are not kids wallpaper books they still have a few of my favourites, such as 'Great Wave' from Cole & Son, and also their 'Woods' wallpaper.
He also has the beautiful range of Rasch's Diamond & Pearls, which has the amazing beaded wallpaper perfect for the tween girl.

If none of those tickle your fancy then check out his online store www.removablewallpaper.com.au here you will find the additional collections from Scion, Harlequin, Florence Broadhurst, Erica Wakerly and Studio Ditte plus others. All non-woven wallpapers also.
Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son Woods hung by Aidan Griffin at Cutting Edge Wallpapering

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